This game will take players to the world of germs that are displayed in different colors on the interface. There are 12 lines on the game and the wonderful cascading, addictive and absorbing feature makes Germinator delightful for gamers. The interface has 6 by 6 grid and there are no reels. The interface is greatly designed by the developers and the colorful lineup of germs brings different combination to players. When three red, blue, green, yellow or orange animated colourful seeds with funny muzzles lineup adjacently, in a column or row, the player gets a payout in Germinator. When three of them are matched, they will explode and will disappear, thereby providing room for those symbols in the top row to move down to these free positions.

    Germinator – Get Caught With the Germ Fever

    The players will have to start the game by identifying the number of lines they are going to activate and they should also determine how much they should bet per line. Then, they can spin the play button such that the germs are released to the playing field. The rounds will come to an end in germinator when no more combinations can be found. If the players find that there are three tablets alone left on the screen, once all the combinations are completed, they can enter the medi-bonus round.

    On this slot machine game, when the medi-bonus round is activated, it will allow gamers to remove all of similar colored germs from the board and they can also acquire wins from the shifting germs. As the game allows 2 bet per line, players can get the chance to place 24 maximum bet. Even, there is the minimum betting option to starter players and it is 0.05 Minimum bet. Players can enjoy this addicting game from the best maker and win up to 2058.4 free credits.