Lovers of roulette and similar games are usually interested in learning more about French roulette. Once a player gets acquainted with French roulette, it is very easy to understand the other two forms, too.

    What is different about French roulette?

    Players who enjoy more well-known versions of roulette will easily get used to this one, and its game rules. The numbers used in the playing field of this type of roulette run from 0-36, just like the European counterpart of the game. The difference lies in the kind of bets that can be placed. Players can bet on combination types present in other kinds of roulette, and also wager money through 'called bets' and 'neighbour bets'. This gives players yet another chance and strategy to make profits from the game. Through called bets, players can place bets on three sections of the wheel, called 'voisins du zero', 'tiers du cylindre' and 'orphelins'. Through neighbour bets, they can quickly wager money on one number, and its neighbours two places to the right and left.

    Why play French roulette?

    The system of called and neighbour bets makes it possible to have more winning arrangement than in other versions of the game. Next, the house odds in this version of the game are lower than in the American version, again making way for players to win bigger prizes.

    Where to play the game

    Net Entertainment is the casino online that allows players to enjoy French roulette. In the online version of the game, there is a 1 minimum bet, a 1000 maximum bet, a chance to more than double the money wagered, and a huge 36000 maximum win. When playing online, it is very simple for players to keep track of bets, as they are clearly shown on the screen all the time even as the game progresses.