<h1>The Marvellous Enchanted Woods Slot game</h1>

    <p>Enchanted Woods is a free slots game from Microgaming. And casino-x.com offers this free online casino slots game which has 5 reels and a payline. Its RTP rating is 96.4%. It is available in no deposit and no download versions.</p>

    <p>This online casino game takes its theme from Enid Blyton's novel, The Enchanted Woods. The players get transported to a forest where there are fairies, gnomes, and toads. There are ancient trees with twisted limbs in a dark and mysterious place where goblins perch on toadstools, and elves can be seen stashing acorns.</p>

    <p>The artwork in this online gambling game is captivating. There are eight symbols which include Fairy of Night, Fairy of Tale, Fairy of Destiny, Leprechaun and Fairy of Wisdom, Toadstool and Demon. The Pink Fairy represents the wild symbol and the Bonus Toad works as the final symbol that is the scatter icon.</p>

    <h2>How to Play The Enchanted Woods Slots</h2>

    <p>Players can start with a demo. The stake for each spin should not be less than 0.10 and not greater than 100. The down and up buttons of the online <a href="https://casino-x.com/en/games/slots">slot machine</a> set the amount for the bet. The 'play' button sets all the reels in motion. There is a 'hold' bar which holds the players' desired reels' position. The players have to unlock to retrigger the reels. The 'continue' bar sets the reels which are not in motion. The player's winning can be seen in the win field. All the winning combos will be highlighted in the reels.</p>

    2>Bonus Game online</h2>

    <p>The bonus game is triggered by picking three of the Toad symbols. They are magic symbols which grant exciting coin prizes to the players. At casino-x.com, you can enjoy playing casino games and this online slots game from Microgaming. It is an adventurous and mystical game, and offers enormous awards which can blow off the players' mind. Moreover, the tempting walk in the dark forest is guaranteed.</p>


     <li>Highly rewarding slot</li>
    <li>No deposit and no download version</li>
    <li>High RTP</li>
    <li>Excellent graphics</li>