Bingo is a popular game among gaming enthusiasts and to enthrall bingo enthusiasts, electro bingo was introduced. The game offers plenty of fun along with great prizes to be won. This Microgaming creation permits the gamers to play from one to four cards per game. The players can place 20 maximum bet and players can purchase 4 cards and each of them will have 15 numbers. The patterns on cards are randomly selected in Electro Bingo. The spheres and numbers are arranged well by the maker in an attractive black background.

    Electro Bingo – Get Plenty of Fun And Excitement

    The game play is easy to understand in this interface. Once the gamer decides on the number of cards to play and the amount to bet, he can click the play button. This slot machine, not only has numbers, but 60 numbered balls are also arranged aesthetically. When a player clicks on the play button, a hopper will be activated and 30 spheres will be released into the neon viewing area that is found on the bottom of the screen. The game offers 20000 max win and once the spheres drop, the game goes through the cards used by the gamer and tabulates any matches. If any matching combination is achieved, the balance will get immediately added.

    If a gamer does not complete his cards, but is left with a ball on any of his cards, he can select a bonus ball in Electro Bingo. The goal of the game is to match the numbers on the cards to one of the winning combinations. As mentioned earlier, the players can begin with card with numbers and there are 14 winning combinations in this game in total. This is one among the games with 2000 free credits. The top paying win is to match a full bingo card within the first 30 spheres.

    Players can place 0.1 minimum bet, if they wish to play safe in this game and they can begin the action with the spin of play button.