Welcome to a fantastic journey in the world filled with magic beasts and dragons who have been tamed and reclaimed, thus deserving to be immortalized in the Dragon's Myth slot machine. Together with a courageous girl and her amazing pets, you will be exploring misty and mysterious dales as well as trying to make some money on glittering reels of Dragon's Myth. Literary dozens of peculiar features distinguish this game from other numerous slot machines at casino-x.com, whereas splendid animations and beautifully performed interface’s elements will fire the player’s imagination more and more.

    The main jackpot of this exemplum of cushy online casino slots is raffled off on five reels supplemented with twenty paylines. On the background, we can recognize a greyish sky and a cliffy ridge clothed in fog. The heroine of this game, a cheerful backfisch, can be seen on the left side of the screen and her dancing after each win gives us to understand it’s her dragon pets we are playing with. While the bottom of the screen is abundantly covered with grass, the ‘Spin’ button catches the eye with its unique design.

    Four indicators presented on the ‘Spin’ button allow the aficionado of dragon capturing and online slots to benefit from each dragon that happens to land on the open-cage position in the bottom right corner. For this purpose, the player has four different dragon symbols aside from a JQKA set that is nicely stylized. Also, there are the Free Spins icon and the Wild Symbol represented by a headshot of the backfisch. As always in free slots the latter permits the player to create powerful winning combinations and the Free Spins symbol bestows the online casino visitor from ten to twenty Free Spins.

    Luckily enough, the bonus round in Dragon's Myth was designed in the best traditions of casino games: the player is presented here with a special Bonus Symbol and is offered to play out his or her Free Spins on a different set of reels. Rest assure, a load of gifts you will be granted on Dragon's Myth at casino-x.com is truly immense! Ultimately, it’s one of the most suitable game for training yourself to a level of online gambling expert.