Obviously, you unwrap it and get what you see on the package – thus, the Dolphin Quest game is a bestseller, since it provides its users with a 100% marine product. Fanciers of deep-sea living creatures and thrilling online casino slots are lost in admiration. Millions of the game’s copies are being played simultaneously all over the world. Thousands of lucky winners call the Dolphin Quest game the most impressive exemplar of sea-themed slot machines. Today and forever at casino-x.com, it’s time to join Dolphin Quest and search for some treasures buried on the sea floor.

    First up, nothing fishy about the rules – only five reels that are supposed to spin and fifty paylines that are meant to pay back loads of cash. The reels are framed by underwater rocks covered with seaweeds, corals and miniature sea shells. The music is just fine and helps the visitor of the online casino adapt his or her mind to the deep water atmosphere and the palette consists of mild and soothing colors – apparently, the developers have done all these with an eye to share their love to the marine ambient.

    Ah, the symbols in Dolphin Quest will definitely rejoice the cockles of the online slots admirer’s heart: an octopus, a puffa jacket, turtles, hippocampi, a flatfish, Japanese fighting fish and beautiful dolphins. The Wild Symbol appears as the Dolphin Quest logo and a purple shell with golden dolphins functions as the Scatter Symbol. The latter activates the main bonus feature – the Waterfall of Wins.

    It’s funny, though, how the Waterfall of Wins presents both greenhorns and sharks of online gambling with equal chances to scoop a great deal of moolah. The only thing the player needs to do on this level is to push the ‘Stop’ button forcing each of three big reels to reveal its scores. After all three reels have been stopped the gambler gets a final amount of cash. Probably, that’s the main reason why Dolphin Quest is thought to be one of the most uncomplicated free slots ever. Dive deep into casino games at casino-x.com, seek for bigger winnings and become the sea legend of Dolphin Quest!