Deuces Wild Power Poker is one among the several variations of poker games, available from Microgaming. In this game, a player gets a payout with a minimum hand of 3-of-a-kind, while the royal flush gets the jackpot. Deuces Wild Power Poker allows you to play with 4 hands, which not only improves the challenge level, but also the winnings. Also, the deuce cards are used as wild cards to substitute for any other card denomination from 2 to Ace and others.

    Play the game

    You can play the game on any of the online casinos offering this game over their website or you can also get a mobile app for your smartphone to enjoy it on the move. If you want to enhance your chances of winning, you should find and learn a proper strategy that will help you multiply your payouts. You should understand all the rules of the game while enjoying a blend of the highest payouts and fun with the game.

    What makes it popular?

    Deuces Wild Power Poker has gained better popularity than a standard game of poker, since you get 4 hands to play with instead of a single hand, increasing the chances of hitting a full house. Another boost to your winnings can be added by the use of a deuce as a wild card, which can be substituted for any other card to make a winning combination, after which you can play for double or nothing also.

    Expert Opinion

    According to experts, winnings in this game can be enhanced strategically, for which you should clear all bets and learn how to play for maximum payouts. Avoid being carried over by the river of thoughts that you can win higher payouts with higher wages.

    In short, Deuces Wild Power Poker is a popular choice among players, offering more winning options with deuce wild cards in 4 hands to play.