Cyberstud poker is a game introduced by Microgaming, where one has to play with precise technique to make right decisions in order to ensure the player gets the best hand. The game rules are simple. A player can start playing Cyberstud poker by placing a bet of one coin whose value can be decided by him. The house is the one to deal the cards to players, with card denomination from 2 to Ace and this is when the players decide, whether to call or fold. If one decides to fold or discard the cards, then this denotes loss of the bet made in the beginning of the game. If the player feels confident in the game, another bet can be placed, upon which the house is dealt another four cards.

    High chances of winning double your ante

    In Cyberstud poker, the chances of winning are really high, once the player can get a hold of the game. If the house gets an Ace high and a King kicker after the second round, and the player has a stronger hand, the winning amount will be doubled with extra payouts. Once a player clear all bets, there is the chance of winning a tremendous prize at the end. If the player is dealt a full house, it pays $100 dollars in the beginning.

    Try your hand at the most intense games in the casino

    One can play this game from various Microgaming websites, where up to 2000 free credits are offered to play the game and increase the chances of winning. Cyberstud poker is the perfect combination of Blackjack and poker, fun and technique. One can discover the rules and strategies of the classic poker and the various hands that are used. With the help, hints and fabulous graphics, there is hardly any difference between online or real casino. Do not waste any more time, try your hand at this game.