Chain Mail at features a unique setting

    It has to be said that game developers from Microgaming have never lowered the bar of genuine imagination and good-natured humor. All gamers and fans of slot machines had a better look for their medieval garments since we’re going to Chain Mail, which is a luncheonette and which – no, your eyes don’t fail you – serves, predominantly, fast food. Why are we still talking, come on, let’s have a bite of those marvelous King’s Fried Chicken!

    There is nothing fancy about the main attributes:

    • five reels can spin all day and night
    • as for twenty paylines they can shower the luckiest admirers of online casino slots with literally hundreds of wins
    • next thing, look at those castle walls that surround the reels and a bright gaiety of huge symbols. Yeah, it seems, they’ve got mostly big helpings of fun and cash prizes here!

    Stupendous winnings with online slots at

    Undoubtedly, the Chain Mail video slot comprises absolutely marvelous symbols: a bucket of King’s Fried Chicken, a golden royal ice-cream, pizza served with an axe and a sword and a bar of chocolate named Coco Knight delight. Also, we can see here arrow-pierced kebab, a happy-looking horse, a red castle tower post box, a cheerful male and a female speaking on a mobile phone (apparently, another one hilariously funny anachronism). In addition, the online casino will be glad to know that there a full set of bonus symbols in the Chain Mail game: the Wild Symbol represented by the game’s logo, the Scatter Symbol depicted as a green postbag and, ultimately, the Bonus Symbol, which has an appearance of the raised drawbridge.

    The main bonus game in Chain Mail is called Castle Bonus and can be triggered by landing those big ‘B’ on the raised drawbridge. The extra round that follows the activation happenstance will be a sheer pleasure for all aficionados of free slots: he or she is required to open one door out of seven on each level (there are five of them). Try many other casino games in our casino, which are at the bleeding edge of the online gambling industry, and win loads of breath-taking prizes with the Chain Mail slot!