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    At long last, can present to its most devoted players a successful mixture of great humor and huge chances to win – welcome a wonderful time-spender, the Cashanova video slot that gifts you both a good laugh and marvelous online gambling opportunities. Have you ever seen a chicken so full of love that it practically can roast itself? Well, Cashanova will be a good reminder to you that some fowls also have feelings!

    Similarly to all classy slot machines this game contains all necessary tools for a qualified entertainment, namely:

    • we can see here a golden key alias the powerful Bonus Symbol
    • next thing up are a Henhouse magazine cover and a fried egg both of which represent the Scatter Symbol
    • finally, the picture of Giacomo the Rooster functions here as the Wild Symbol.

    It seems like we’re having a little quid pro quo on the screen as the main hero in Cashanova has considered himself no less than the famous Italian swindler and enthusiast for amour adventures!

    Thirty paylines for your pleasure in Cashanova

    Let’s overlook a bunch of multicolor symbols that laborious guys from Microgaming have managed to invent: a hen-shaped crystal fountain, a chocolate corn-on-the-cob, a bowl of berries, champagne served in a golden basket and several pieces with ambiguous meanings, such as a piquant arrangement of fruits and whipped cream carelessly thrown around. In addition, the fancier of amour online casino slots will meet higher value symbols that pay off handsomely, namely the mansion, a pipe adorned with a monogram and a white chicken.

    Remember, the Cashanova online slot is first and foremost oriented at the enrichment of the player; that’s why it features such large benefits in the Free Range Free Spins Bonus round. Throw in, at least, three of those fried eggs and just watch your payouts exploding far and wide. In addition, this splendid sample of casino games grants the online casino visitor a possibility to try his or her luck with the Barn onus and Get Lucky features. Scoop large cash amounts, win bonuses, which other free slots can only dream of, and promote the chicken love story with the Cashanova game!