Baccarat Gold is a popular themed poker game that lets you win loathsome credit scores with multiple bets. Launched by Microgaming, the main aim of the game is to bring the banker and players pretty close to each other thereby making a proper house edge. Baccarat Gold, simplifies the drawing rules of casino gaming and makes the game easy to play.

    Features and rules of the Baccarat Gold

    You can place multiple bets on this game with 500 maximum bet. The bets can be placed at the same time, with 9 hands at a time. Baccarat has a card denomination from 2 to Ace and players can use a series of winning combination, to enjoy the credit bonus round. The playing field has several icons of kings, queens and tens that have a card value of zero.

    The bet chips, table and the deck holder are the few icons of the casino game which boast a vibrant colour. These icons do not have any specific function and simply add to the beauty of the interface. The equal bets pay more than the side bets in this game. Also, here, you can place a 10 minimum bet. In the game, if either you or the bank has total 8 or 9 bets, the result might be a push or tie.

    The game comes with a card peeking feature which lets you know about the cards you have dealt with. So, this unique dealer feature is indeed very handy in helping you win the bets. Finally, the hand that has the maximum total wins manages to win the Baccarat Gold Game. This game is a well featured one and here you simply have to clear all bets to win. So, simply try out the Baccarat gold game for an unfaltering casino gaming experience.