The classic table game Baccarat is here to play online at Happy Casino. It’s immediately apparent that this game has been developed by Microgaming, the leading maker of online casino games, because of the quality of its graphics, animation, and the wonderful atmosphere. There’s no clutter in this design, only the pure fun of a truly great game. Come try Baccarat for free online with us.

    How to Play Baccarat

    This game is one of the casino games that appeals to a select few, not enjoying quite the same popularity as Blackjack or Poker, but still managing to captivate the hearts and mind of millions of gamblers in its centuries-long existence. It is played with a standard deck wherein each card is given a point value based on its face value. Aces are low and picture cards are worth zero points. The hand that’s closer to nine in the final count wins. There are a few more subtleties to the game, but these are the main aspects.

    Baccarat – Experience the Monte Carlo Legend in Your Browser

    With minimums low enough for a complete beginner and max bets high enough to make you feel like a true high roller, this game is perfect for everyone. Baccarat is enjoyed all over the world for its simplicity – simply bet on whose hand will come closer to 9, and if you’re right then you win. Of course, it can be much more complex than that for an expert gambler. If you’re not sure on how to play, simply click the “Help” button for an in-depth explanation. Or, just jump right in and start playing for free right now!