The Atlantic City Blackjack Gold is pretty similar to the other popular blackjack versions of Microgaming. However, in terms of style and interface, this game has an entirely new league of its own. So, simply try out the Atlantic City Blackjack Gold for an enthralling and captivating casino gaming experience.

    Features and rules of the Atlantic City Blackjack Gold

    This game follows the same deal and rule as the older versions of blackjack and here too the dealer will stand on the 17th number of the game.

    The card denomination from 2 to ace can be doubled for multiple times. However, the double will work only for the first two cards.

    The cards can be split thrice in any combination, but the aces can be split only once.

    The Atlantic City Blackjack Gold has the feature of late surrender, from which you can still save some credit amount.

    This game allows a 200 maximum bet and also offers free 1000 credits of all currencies.

    You can enjoy the maximum amount of credit points with 1 minimum bet, and frequent single splits. With a single split every round, you can potentially hold two splits at once.

    This game is a perfect option for all ardent casino gamers. With a series of 8 decks and 52 cards, this game opens a lot of new combinations. So, simply try to reach 21 and bat the dealer to win a loathsome amount from the game. Also, with the constant series of splits, you have to clear all bets to win the maximum credits from the game.

    Thus, the Atlantic City Blackjack Gold is a game for casino gamers who try to experiment with new games without thinking twice.