If you love simple and easy-to-play casino games, American Roulette can be the best option for you. This game comes with a wheel, a ball and table, which is marked with various boxes that consist of non sequential number combination. Try out the American Roulette if you want to enjoy the simplicity of online casino gaming.

    How to play the American Roulette?

    This game comes with a wheel of 38 stops and also a ball that can have equal chances of landing up on any of the 38 stops. These stops come in an odd non sequential structure of 0-36 including, 0, 00, and 1-36. While the 1-36 stops are colored black or red, the 00 stops are always colored green. Launched by Playsoft, this game comes with quick and simple strategies for winning the bets.

    Here, you can make many even combinations by making a series of proper wagers. The ball again, will land up on the wager on the Roulette Table. Players can win up to 1000 free game credits if they manage to end up with a proper bet multiplier.

    Players are supposed to choose the number of the various chips by clicking or tapping on the chip denomination. In this manner they manage to get 1000 credits maximum bet which is procured by placing individual bet amounts on various spots of the table. The players can also win the multipliers with 1 credit minimum bet.

    In the American Roulette, right after placing the bet, the ball will start spinning immediately. In this way you will manage to win if the ball lands up on the color you had chosen. So, even if you are a novice at betting or online casino games, this game can offer you a fresh start.

    Here, in American Roulette you win the game if you manage to clear all bets and if the ball lands up on your desired number or color. So, trying and playing the game is no big hassle.